• Build a 2014 Calendar


    It's the biggest revolution in Demotivation™ since we invented the art form! With our completely customizable Print-On-Demand calendars, you can choose which designs you get, and what month they land on!

    Imagine the Possibilities!

    How about building a calendar featuring designs like Shoot for the Moon, Believe in Yourself, and Distinction for that annoying go-getter boss of yours, who just really needs to chill the @#$% out with all his rah-rah talk? Or perhaps a calendar with Potential, Underachievement, and Procrastination for that once vibrant spouse who now is slowly becoming one with your couch?

    Now stop imaginingÖ and starting BUYING!
    We're trying to make MONEY here!

    Demotivators Build-Your-Own 16 Month Calendar
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